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eva e eriksson is synonymous with exclusive jewellery handcrafted and personally designed by jewellery designer/silversmith eva e eriksson.

With clean and clear lines eva’s jewellery expresses a special kind of emotion. Scandinavian, timeless and natural best describes her unique jewellery design.

Silver is very fashionable and demand is high for designed jewellery. Whenever you wear a piece of well designed jewellery you want to feel unique, to allow the jewellery to become part of your personality. Bearing this in mind evas jewellery is strictly handcrafted with no jewellery being mass produced.

What makes eva e eriksson’s jewellery unique is the clear but timeless design. It is a trendy and fashionable but at the same time classic design. Every detail is created by eva which means that all her jewellery become truly unique.

Silver is the basic material in eva’s design but it is often mixed with other materials such as resin.